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What is shared hosting and why should you choose it?

In the automobile industry, a car that moves for longer distances on a few gallons of gasoline and quite cheap to

Types Hosting Packages and What They Mean to You

You have found the right company to host your site with but then again you hit an obstacle it's not big but it's

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You must be a new web designer/developer and you have been coming across this three-letter acronym and you finally

8 Factors To Consider When Starting A Website

You have a business idea that you recently came up with or maybe you have a business that you have been running

8 Reliable Web Hosting Companies In Zimbabwe

Finding a good hosting company is like finding a good school for your kid. You want an environment where you can

When Will The Coronavirus Pandemic Come To An End?

January, February, March, Blink, December. Ever came across that meme? How could you have not, if not please

Happy Mother’s Day

Time to look at the tough love mother's give us at times, well when they say funny rhetorical statements. If…

Sending Money From EcoCash To One Money

After a twitter post about finally being able to send money from EcoCash to OneMoney and vice versa without the aid…


How much chocolate is enough to eat per day?

How much chocolate is enough to eat per day? It's no secret that everything with choc in it is likeable, there's…


Why people disappear at the Chinhoyi caves?

If you are blessed enough to ever visit the land of Zimbabwe in your lifetime, Chinhoyi should be one of your…


Movies Coming Out In 2020 In-Spite Of The Coronavirus

Coronavirus hit us by surprise, it's safe to say no one saw it coming except of course for Scott Z Burns, it's like…