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How To Tell If You Have Bad Breath

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What Is It

Let’s get real, no one wants to have the thought of having bad breath cross their mind, but the truth of this hurtful fact is that most of us walk around with bad breath unaware (this is actually because of the human inability to smell our own breath, which is caused by an opening in the back of the mouth behind the pharynx which connects to the nose). However, there are a couple of things you can do to eradicate this predicament/problem.

How To Tell

If you’re concerned about having bad breath you can follow the steps below to help you out.


  • Ask Someone You Trust

If you have someone with whom you share everything and can give you an honest answer when you ask them, do ask them to give you the condition of your breath. Be ready for the answers you may get as some people fear to hurt your feelings by giving you an honest answer. If this method doesn’t work for you, you can always try other methods we listed below.

  • Do The Sniff Test

Lick the back of your hand (wrist) let it dry for about 10-30 seconds then as the name of the test, sniff. What you smell is likely what people smell when you talk to them.

  • Use A Piece Of Cotton

Take a small piece of cotton and use it to wipe the surface of your mouth and then smell it.

  • Visit A Dental Professional

Visit a dentist, he can evaluate the smell that’s coming out of your mouth and nose providing you with an accurate assessment of the source of the smell/odour. Though this method may not be free of charge, it is the best considering the fact that which-ever result you get you’ll have a professional beside you to help tackle the problem once and for all.

  • Scrap The Surface Of Your Tongue

Find a teaspoon and use the back of the spoon to scrap your tongue, be gentle and careful to avoid harming yourself or gaging, if there’s a white substance on the spoon sniff it, it’s very likely to be a negative result as the white substance is often a sign of an odorous bacteria. Alternatively, you can use a tongue-scraper and follow the above steps.

  • Use A Dental Floss

This is another method that’s going to cost you some cents, but it’s better a few cents than your breath right?. Visit a pharmacy and order a dental floss. Soon as you can floss between the teeth toward the back of your mouth and smell the floss.

  • Use A Kit

Remember the pharmacy from our previous test, yea, let’s go back there and get a home breath testing kit, there’s a number of these kits and they are costly, but let’s just assume that money is not a problem and get a cheap but convenient one. The test kit has small strips similar to litmus paper, you apply it to your tongue and then it identifies bacteria in your mouth that can lead to bad breath. The colour change on the strip will tell you if the result is either positive or negative.

  • Halimeter Test

The last method on our list is the Halimeter Test. This is a professional instrument that will analyze the actual particle make-up of your breath. It’s so accurate that it notes the composition of your breath in the parts per billion. Like every good thing, it comes with a catch, in this case, two catches. It is an expensive piece of equipment, and it requires a professional to interpret the complicated readings on it, so you’ll need to visit a dental professional.


That wraps up the ways we have compiled on checking for bad breath. Of the above 8 ways to tell whether you have bad breath, we hope that you found at least one that can help you or a friend, tell us what you think of this article by commenting below.