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Why We Have Nightmares When We Have A Fever?

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Ever had flu that when you fall asleep you feel like you’re visiting another dimension of horror and doom only?, I know it sucks a fever alone is bad enough, adding nightmares to that is a nightmare.


When some viruses and bacteria try to enter the body an immune response begins, which gives rise to body temperatures. This happens when we get sick with flu, common colds and a lot of other diseases.

In addition to having high temperatures, fevers can produce nightmares, waking hallucinations and vivid imagery. Nightmares that occur when you have a fever are known as fever dreams.


Our brain is a very delicate part of the body and it is affected by temperatures since dreaming begins in the brain it is easy to understand why fever dreams/nightmares happen. Fever dreams can be described as falling through the darkness or floating on a solid colour in an unpleasant way.


Bottom line is we get nightmares when we have a fever as a result of an increase in body temperature which leads to the over activity manifested in our minds as scary dreams, this rise in body temperature can be caused by too many spicy foods or as mentioned above when the body has been attacked by a virus/bacteria.