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Phones That Won’t Support WhatsApp In 2020

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With the constant usage and need of it, technology is always changing and rapidly, over the years we have moved from sending mails via posts to SMS and to send instant messages just like that and the person on the other side on the world has received your message.

With WhatsApp being one of the most recognized, used and loved instant messenger it is our job to keep tabs on it. WhatsApp, since it’s launch, has been compatible with so many different smartphones and with the course of time has dropped compatibility with phones it dims are not so smart anymore.

We witnessed notable phones like Nokia Asha, Symbian and blackberry being left behind on the WhatsApp updates, well this great sad phenomenon is upon some not so smart any more phones. Starting this December 2019 to February 2020 some phones are going to be dimmed useless, well not completely as you’ll be able to make phone calls. Who does that anymore anyway?.

  1. Windows Phones

    Earlier this year(2019), Microsoft suggested that Windows 10 Mobile users should switch to Android or iOS devices because of it’s lack of app support of the OS. For that reason, Windows Phones are going to be the first devices to be cast out of the WhatsApp kingdom effective from 31 December 2019 as there won’t be further updates of the app from WhatsApp.

  2. Android

    All the devices running Android version 2.3.7 or older will be booted out too. We all saw this coming (the interface was just xxx). On the Android OS devices were launched around 2010 or earlier such as the Google Nexus One, Samsung Epic 4G, and Motorola Droid X will be greatly affected. However, phones running Linux-operated KaiOS 2.5.1 and older, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2 are still supported.

  3. iPhone (iOS)

    Any iPhone running iOS 8 or older will no longer be supported meaning that all iPhones older than the iPhone 5 are potential candidates of not so smart any more phones, who would have thought that an iPhone can be kicked out too cause we didn’t. If you have an iPhone 4s you can still update to iOS 9 and be able to enjoy WhatsApp messenger.

Users of the above mentioned operating systems and phones are already unable to create new WhatsApp accounts or re-verify existing accounts. If you have a phone of the above sort do get yourself a bigger newer one before the deadline given.

Merry Christmas.