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The most technologically advanced country in Africa.

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Apart from the bushes, poor people, mines and agriculture that Africa is well known for, let’s look at the technological side of the continent that gave birth to civilization.

There are a couple of countries in Africa that are well technologically advanced, not as advanced as Wakanda but they are trying not to rely on tech-inventions from other continents (America, Asia and Europe). You can go through our list of the top 8 technologically advanced countries in Africa.

According to the recent Global Innovation Index (GII), South Africa is the most technologically advanced country in Africa.  It’s no surprise that this country tops the list, in the most recent GII it is number 53 of the globally 143 countries. It has a lot of good features too that will make you think that it’s a state in the US, for Pete’s sake it snows in South Africa. If you didn’t know snow and Africa don’t go in the same sentence.


Why South Africa?

Below are a couple of reasons why SA is the most advanced in terms of technology in Africa.

  • Infrastructure wise, this country has world-class almost everything. From great spaghetti roads, high rise buildings and the best of the universities in Africa.
  • In the field of IT South Africa is home to these inventions and companies
    • Linux Ubuntu:- an operating system for cloud computing, with support for OpenStack.
    • Multichoice:- is a company that operates the DStv Satellite TV and is a major satellite tTV in sub-Saharan Africa.
    • Pay-Pal:- (co-founded by a South African)
    • CAT Scan:- CAT standing for Computer Axial Tomography is a scan in which an X-ray source and electronic detectors are rotated on the body and the data is analyzed by a computer to give a sharp map of the tissues within a cross-section of the body.
    • Sasol:- is the world’s largest oil from coal refinery and is the first of it’s kind. They extract oil from coal and this provides South Africa with about 40% of their fuel.
    • Speed gun:- this device accurately measures the speed and angles of speeding objects such as cricket balls.
    • Smart lock syringe:- it provides improved protection against needlestick injury and contamination by viruses like Ebola and HIV.