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8 businesses to start with little or no money in Zimbabwe

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With the harsh economy in Zimbabwe, it is tough for the major population to even think of starting a business, it just seems impossible. However, if we are to adopt the Chinese mentality of taking every crisis as an opportunity, this time around of struggle would be the time to establish empires.

We have compiled a list of projects that can make one be able to survive a better life free from debts in Zimbabwe and some parts of Africa. If you manage these projects well you can drive and employ.

Graphic Designing

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration. To achieve these you need programs like Photoshop and Coreldraw. There are other complex programs but its wise to choose from these two. We’d suggest that you use photoshop because of it’s simple and user-friendly interface.

What you need
A laptop or desktop with Intel’s Core i3 and above or any other equivalent.
Graphic designing software preferably Abobe Photoshop and all the other Adobe programs
At least 4 clients a month. Just like any business you need to start with promotions or free stuff. Graphic Design is a competitive field so you need to start with offering people free designs till you have gained recognition which takes about 6 months depending on how popular and good you are.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.

There are companies that just can’t market their products well online, and that’s where you come in. You’re are the bridge between a certain company’s product and their potential customers. You just need to have the right target audience so that companies can either approach you or the other way ’round.

Video Gaming Centre

A video gaming centre is a place where people go to play computer games at the cost of a certain fee.

This is a business/project that will require you to definitely put in some capital that will but on the flip side this money will come back multiplied as video games since their introduction have always been something that most people want (more like an addiction, a good one though)

What you need
Start-up capital for the purchase of gaming computers or consoles, rentals/buying a building and manpower.

Computer Training Centre

A computer training centre is where people go to be skilled in using the computer and its programs.

With the rise in use and dependence of technology even people in Africa are forced to become computer literate or left behind and no one wants to be left behind. Most grown-ups are either shy or broke to go to school just to learn how to use computers and that’s when you jump in, you become the tutor.

What you need
1 or 2 computers and then add more as you get more clients
A place to put 1 or two personal computers (probably a garage {because it’s cheap and hey most big companies
started from the garage, why not you?}
Clients (your granny, neighbour and that slay queen you got a crush on)


Selling mobile phones and computer accessories

The name says it all, you will be a retailer of phone accessories.

What you need
A supplier (you can get these products at insanely cheap prices at Chinese shops at Gulf Complex in Harare and the downtown area)
A place to sell these from (maybe a table to rent or a room)
Shop license and a business license (these are not really necessary but it’s just a precaution to take should the popo come).


Car Washing Service

This a whereby you will be providing car washing services to individuals with cars they can’t clean on their own.

You can start by approaching those with cars in your hood, you can offer them a fair amount(a little bit lower than they’d be charged at a car wash) to clean their car.

What you need
A tent/place where the cars will be parked as they wait to be washed.
Simple car washing accessories like a sweeping broom, a cloth and dishwashing liquid (the rest will come to you as you venture into the business)


Computer repairs and maintenance

This is whereby you will be fixing malfunctioning computers/phones and preforming computer operations like software installation.
You can get clients by approaching all the elderly in your neighbourhood who may need assistance in software and program installation or changing hardware components on a computer and cleaning the internals of devices like laptops

What you need
Mobile Phone screwdrivers and computer screwdriver
Knowledge on how to repair and maintain these devices
An office/workshop (a garage or your room will do)

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