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Why Are Mondays Boring?

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Let’s get real, the first day of the working week sucks big time, you are coming from partying and eating loads of food then boom the day that lacks motivation, entertainment and the zeal of party life shows up. Let’s dig into why Getsuyo tends to be boring (yea the Japanese in me kicked in, Getsuyo is Japanese for Monday)

Ever heard of the phrase that says, “party like it’s your last day”? I doubt it cause I just made it up. Anyway, the point is that it’s what most people do from Friday through to Saturday and to some weird people till Sunday. The bottom line is we choose to relax and let loose and let go of our problems on weekends.

For students, weekends are the only times they get to relax and forget about books, lecturers and the boring school stuff, the same goes for those who go to work, they let go of their work issues during this timeframe.

Why do we let go of our problems on Weekends?

Most civilised beings are taught to be responsible and someone sometime way back chose 5 days that we must focus on what really matters in life, be it a school career, working career or being a party animal and then left to 2 days for us to rest and let loose and he/she then called this time a week. Little did they know that they created Monday yup the Casanova of boredom.

So we let go of our problems on weekends because it is the time we get to take some time off from our important activities.

Why Are Mondays Boring?

Mondays are boring basically because of the arrangement of the weekdays. We spend Saturday and Sunday having fun/relaxing or doing nothing at all then on Monday we are forced to get up early in the morning to work. You may not have realised it but that is the only reason why Monday is boring. The fact that it is the first day you go back to school or work makes it a boring day. Mondays are like African mothers they got tough love that will surely help you in the future.

From this day onwards we hope you view poor Getsuyo with a different perspective even if it seems boring, it is for the best.