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Zimbabwe Extends Lockdown

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Adding to the 5 weeks of lockdown Zimbabweans had undergone as a way to curb the spread of COVID-19, the President of Zimbabwe, His Excellency CDE E.D Mnangagwa announced yesterday that the lockdown period will be extended by 14 more days.

Having started the lockdown on level 4 where everyone was expected to be indoors except for those that run/work at companies/businesses that provide essential services. Zimbabwe has now reduced the severity of its lockdown to level 2. During this period of lockdown level 2 people will be allowed to move around but with face masks of any kind, even the homemade ones. yea tichaonerera.

Major shops like TM Pick’n’Pay have already begun the no mask no, entry campaign, so be to be on the safe side next time you
go shopping put on a face mask at all times.

Words From The President!

When he was addressing the nation yesterday President Mnangagwa allowed formal businesses to re-open under strict conditions, he also stated that there’s an $18 billion package to resuscitate all economic sectors and vulnerable groups.

In his words:-The government has seen it fit to equally mitigate the debilitating effects of the pandemic on the economy. As such, we have put in place an economic rescue and stimulus package to respond to Covid-19. So far, our response to this pandemic has seen us putting in place ZWL$18 billion economic rescue and stimulus package which amounts to 9 percent of our GDP or 28.6 percent of the 2020 national budget.

Conditions Of The Level 2 Lockdown

  1.  All people must wear masks of any type including homemade ones outside their homes.
  2. Operating hours shall be from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
  3. The re-opening of industry and commerce provided that companies must ensure mandatory rapid diagnostic testing of all employees, social distancing in the workplace, sanitisation and that all employees wear masks.
  4. Gatherings of less than 50 people are to be maintained.
  5. For the avoidance of doubt, the informal sector remains closed except the agriculture and food supply chains.
  6. All those who are vulnerable should approach the department of social welfare to register for assistance.
  7. Public buses (ZUPCOs/PSCs) only will be the mode of public transport. Omnibuses like combis and taxis are still prohibited from operating. Bus operators must ensure that their buses are disinfected twice a day and that commuters wear masks, have their temperatures taken and hands sanitised before boarding the bus. Social distancing must also be maintained within all buses.
  8. Industry and commerce and bus operators can only re-open and operate upon fulfilling the outlined requirements. Health inspection teams will immediately randomly check for compliance. Those who fail to comply will be stopped from operating.
  9. The maintenance of mandatory and quarantine protocols in line with regional and international standards will continue. Returning residents and international travellers to the country will be put on a 21-day mandatory quarantine with full testing on day one, day eight and day 21.
  10. Churches, gyms, bottle stores, bars, beer halls and other leisure and recreational facilities remain closed.

In as much as the lockdown sucks, we have to observe it thoroughly so that we can beat this pandemic. Should you really need to go out, please take all necessary safety precautions.

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