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Sending Money From EcoCash To One Money

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After a twitter post about finally being able to send money from EcoCash to OneMoney and vice versa without the aid of an agent that caught the attention of many including EcoCash itself. It has been confirmed that it is not possible to send money to from EcoCash to OneMoney as easy as sending money from one EcoCash number to another.

Below is a tweet about a successful transaction from EcoCash to OneMoney (BOGUS) & EcoCash denying having such services as for yet.

Chimusoro applauding for a service that doesn’t exist.


Chimusoro replied by EcoCash

Is It Possible To Move Money From EcoCash To OneMoney?

Being able to move money one E-Wallet to another in Zimbabwe isn’t something new, it has always been available. You can move money to OneMoney from EcoCash, but in order to get the cash, you will have to visit an agent and perform cashout using the boring numbers (Voucher Code) that come together with the message of the money you’d have received.

The ability to send money to Telecash or MoneyOne from EcoCash without hassle is a service that is possible and doable. Knowing our country and it’s technological gap from developed countries, it is a service that we may not get as soon as we need it but can look forward to in the future.