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What is shared hosting and why should you choose it?

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What Is Shared Hosting?

In the automobile industry, a car that moves for longer distances on a few gallons of gasoline and quite cheap to maintain is considered a cost-efficient car, as you can move from point a to point B without straining your wallet. Well, it’s not so different here. The reason why one may want a cost-efficient service is so that when starting they don’t strain their bank balances. Below we have listed detailed reasons why we suggest you choose the Shared Hosting Package as you start your very first website

Have you ever come across a movie scene where there will be one large office and then it’ll be divided into so many work stations that each individual will have their very own cubicle/workspace. Exactly they’ll be sharing the space just like in Shared Hosting.

In Shared Hosting a hosting company splits the bandwidth between all of the different websites, which split the overall costs of the server, much like tenants in a complex each pay their share of the overall building costs thereby cutting cost to each individual.

The best part of this service is that you don’t have to worry about managing the server you’ll be using, All the technical hard stuff will be managed by the hosting company which can really save you some headaches, especially if you’re new to having your own website.

Why Choose Shared Hosting?

The most obvious reason why you should choose a shared hosting package over the rest is the way you get your site up and running with low costs and responsibilities that often come with running a website.

  • Saves Money – The reason why it saves money is that you’re sharing the server with other multiple servers, so server maintenance costs won’t hit you alone. Let’s say you’re 5 on each server and the maintenance cost is $100. Instead of paying a full $100 you save up to 80% by paying only $20
  • Technically Managed By Your Hosting Company – Servers at times go down or have some sort of problems and not only that there are some technical stuff to web hosting that if you are not a computer person you may not understand. You don’t have to worry about all this because any problems you come across you just contact your Hosting Company for assistance if they haven’t already fixed the problem.

So this shared Hosting is all good and no bad?

Short answer is a big no. Like any other service out there Shared Hosting has it’s disadvantages.

  • Your Website Speed – Generally shared sites run fast and perform well, however as you know you’re sharing a server with other websites you’ll be hogging the bandwidth and scrambling for resources that tends to lower the speed of your site. Circumstances that you’re unlikely to come across within dedicated hosting as you’ll have all the resources to yourself.

In Conclusion

Share Hosting is good for when you start as you’ll have low traffic and still figuring out where you want to take your site. However as you grow numbers in traffic on your website and more media in your storage you may want to consider getting VPS/Dedicated Server Hosting so that you may run your sever the way you see fit and won’t have to worry about sharing resources. You will however need some with the know-how of how to manage websites/servers

If you’re an individual, blogger or small business Shared Hosting is the best package for starting, as you’ll be able to focus on the site’s content rather than the server management.

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